Enterprise culture is the spiritual power of enterprise development and the personality foundation of operation. In the process of growth and development, the company attaches great importance to and continues to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and has established the following distinctive corporate culture core content:

1、 Take "customer satisfaction" as the enterprise orientation

The pursuit and continuous creation of greater customer satisfaction is our core goal. We should firmly establish the service concept and quality awareness, and comprehensively improve the service quality and quality level.

2、 Regard "learning innovation" as the core power of enterprise development

Under the new economic conditions of rapid knowledge learning and constantly changing rules, to create an innovative learning team is the fundamental weapon for enterprises to win the market. To promote the concept of "learning as the source, innovation as the first" to the whole staff, create a favorable environment and conditions for learning and innovation, and constantly strengthen technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation based on concept innovation.

3、 Keep the enterprise mentality of "pioneering and enterprising" all the time

No matter under any conditions or in any process, we should always keep the positive attitude of the successful, be brave to explore, strive and forge ahead, and have full confidence and perseverance in the future and development of the enterprise.

4、 Fully highlight the style construction of "pragmatic rationality"

Enterprises come out by "doing", not by "sitting". Always emphasizing the principle of "action first" is the core strength for enterprises to become stronger and bigger; fully implementing the style of rational work is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy growth of enterprises.

5、 Pay close attention to "target results" and vigorously promote performance culture

The whole staff should take the goal as the pointer and emphasize the result first. Keep the consistency, effectiveness and achievement of objectives and results, and realize the effective unification of enterprise objectives, department objectives and personal objectives on the basis of ensuring the achievement of enterprise objectives. Take performance as the benchmark, and use performance as an important basis to evaluate the value of enterprises, departments and individuals.

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