Black silicon carbide powder

品名黑碳化硅规格原块,粒度砂,段砂,微粉 标准FEPA, JIS, GB用途功能陶瓷,高级耐火材料,磨具磨料及冶金原料Product introductionSilicon carbide (chemical SiC, also known as carborundum) is made of high-quality quartz sand and petroleum coke by high-


Product introduction

Silicon carbide (chemical SiC, also known as carborundum) is made of high-quality quartz sand and petroleum coke by high-temperature smelting in resistance furnace. Its hardness is next to that of diamond, and its mechanical strength is higher than that of corundum. Silicon carbide chemical type SiC belongs to covalent bond material. Both C and Si belong to the same family, with four valence chemical bond. It has network structure characteristics, so it has high strength, high temperature strength, high wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and high insulation.

Features and Applications

Black silicon carbide is a kind of carbide of silicon. The molecule SiC is formed by reduction reaction of quartz sand and coke powder at high temperature. The density is 3.18/cm2, Mohs hardness is between 9.2-9.5, microhardness is 3300kg / cm3, high hardness, high temperature resistance, strong acid, strong alkali can not react, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, strong radiation resistance. It is mainly used for grinding and polishing of hardness alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, ceramics, stone, agate, jade, high-grade jewelry and electronic components. It can also make abrasives and advanced refractories.

指标/ Index一级品/ First Grade二级品/Second Grade三级品/Third Grade


Type/类别Size/粒度Chemical Composition(%,by weight) /化学成分含量(%)

SiCFe2O3F. C.Moisture
一级品段砂(98%)0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm≥98.500.250.250.3
一级品微粉Fe2O3(98%)80F 100F 150F 180F 200F 240F 325F≥980.30.30.3
二级品段砂(88%)0-1mm 0-3mm≥
二级品微粉(88%)100F 200F≥
三级品(70%)0-3mm 0-5mm≥70.5551

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