Green silicon carbide powder

绿碳化硅微粉是将绿碳化硅原块通过超细磨进行深加工的一种产品。设备主要以:巴马克破碎、雷蒙磨或球磨机制粉。再通过超声波及筛分出我们所使用的目数;碳化硅微粉就此形成。有W63—W1.5各种规格,绿碳化硅微粉W粉主要用于涂层、涂料、密封件等。 绿碳化硅微绿碳化硅微粉的使用规模越来越广,商品首要用于耐火材料类商品的制作、泡沫陶瓷职业、太阳能硅板切开、水晶切开研磨、轿车发起原件制作、特

The green silicon carbide powder is a kind of product that deep processes the green silicon carbide raw block through superfine grinding. The main equipment is: bamak crushing, Raymond grinding or ball mill pulverizing. Then we can use ultrasonic and screen out the mesh number that we use; silicon carbide powder is formed. There are various specifications of w63-w1.5. Green silicon carbide powder W is mainly used for coating, coating, sealing parts, etc.

Green silicon carbide micro green silicon carbide micro powder is used more and more widely. The commodity is mainly used for the production of refractory materials, foam ceramic occupation, solar silicon wafer cutting, crystal cutting and grinding, car originating production, special paint occupation, plastic products modification, desulfurization power supply and environmental protection occupation. At present, the main companies in China adopt the combination of dry, wet, dry and wet methods. Produce silicon carbide powder to meet different needs of different products.

The green silicon carbide powder is classified as follows according to Chinese and European specifications:

Chinese specifications: W63, W50, W40, W28, W20, W14, W10, W7, W5, w3.5, w2.5, w1.5.

Eurocodes: f280, F320, F400, f500, F600, F800, F1000, f1200, f1500, f1800.

Specification of Green Silicon Carbide
F230 -F1200, JIS #240-#8000, or any other sizes by customer's requirement.99% Min0.2% Max0.2% Max

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