Green silicon carbide sand


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Green silicon carbide grain size sand is a kind of non-metallic mineral product, which is produced with quartz sand (SiO2), petroleum coke (c) and sodium chloride (NaCl) as basic raw materials at high temperature above 1800 ℃. It has the characteristics of high hardness, small expansion coefficient, brittleness and good thermal conductivity. Widely used in abrasive Abrasives, electronic products grinding, refractories, special ceramics, coating plastics addition modification, making grinding wheels, cutting pieces, auto parts, military aviation, etc.

The production of green silicon carbide grain size sand adopts high-quality raw materials with high-power furnace smelting, high purity of silicon carbide and large crystal particles. It uses professional production equipment and has the characteristics of regular particle shape, concentrated particle size, high stacking density and high surface cleanliness of particles. To provide high quality products for consolidation abrasives industry and molding refractory industry.

Green silicon carbide grain size sand can be used for: grinding wheel, silicon carbide rod, electric tools, welding materials, polishing materials, brake pads, FRP pipes, grinding electronic materials, etc.

The green silicon carbide is broken and screened after being removed by acid pickling, and it is screened by magnetic and ultrasonic processes, which ensures high purity and prevents other impurities from invading. Green silicon carbide sand is basically the same as black silicon carbide sand, but there is a slight difference in grinding amount, consumption and grinding effect. The carbon and iron content of green silicon carbide is less than that of black silicon carbide, and its application effect is slightly better than that of black silicon carbide.

      Tianzhenglongding silicon carbide, Ningxia silicon carbide, northwest silicon carbide


Grain SizeChemical Composition 化学成分%(按重量百分比)

固结磨料F12 to F220, F240 to F1200, JIS#240 to JIS#6000
涂附磨料P16 to P220, P240 to P2500
耐火材料1-0mm, 3-1mm, 6-3mm, 100F, 220F, 325F...

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