Extension and development of new silicon carbide materials

2020-04-09 11:22:03 0

From our initial understanding of silicon carbide to our understanding of silicon carbide series products and subsequent products, we can see that silicon carbide not only improves the quality of products for our subsequent development, but also improves the smoothness, wear resistance and service life of silicon carbide products.

Because there are many advantages of silicon carbide, the development of silicon carbide has been further concerned. Jinmeng company has also been committed to the production and continuous development of silicon carbide products, among which in the field of new materials, the company has also been learning.

Silicon carbide is a kind of super hard metal material, which has been used in automobile clutch and carbon ceramic brake. Nanoparticles have also been injected into metal solutions before, but this kind of nanoparticles will agglomerate. The "breakthrough" of the research team is to completely integrate silicon carbide nanoparticles into metal magnesium, and use high-pressure torsion to compress metal to make it more solid. In terms of weight ratio, 14% of this composite is silicon carbide, 86% is magnesium.

The birth of new silicon carbide materials is in constant exploration and constant pursuit. In the middle of the process, we will experience many hardships, but what we will eventually see is a miracle. In terms of domestic development, silicon carbide has been around us for decades, and a new silicon carbide product has been born. Through a large number of experiments, we have made some progress. So more in-depth research on silicon carbide needs more technical personnel and national support. Come on, everyone!

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