Importance of particle size of refractory silicon carbide

2020-04-09 11:36:07 27

At present, most refractory manufacturers do not strictly require the granularity of SiC suppliers. In fact, the composition of grain size is very important to the refractory.

Whether it's castable or finished product, it can affect the service life of the product. The service life of the refractory is not only the content of silicon carbide, but also the density

Important. However, many refractory manufacturers do not know the particle size of silicon carbide in detail. They generally require a certain particle size, and the results are not satisfactory. It takes time and effort to adjust the formula again and again

Fei CAI. In fact, this problem is very simple for professional silicon carbide manufacturers. It's just that if you don't ask for it, they can be simple. I have a client in China

It's a little famous to be a refractory. Our company has a strong scientific research department. But two thirds of the staff in this department are not engaged in research and development, but according to the granularity of the raw materials they buy

Study the proportion, because they have more than 30 suppliers, each batch of goods are different, which is very annoying. Later, a supplier conference was held for detailed understanding

To discuss and formulate a series of detailed standards, the effect is very good.

Therefore, when choosing suppliers, refractory companies should not only depend on their scale, but also on their professionalism. This can also give you less trouble and improve efficiency.

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